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Read our product reviews of the Best Electric Fondue Pots and Sets!

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Nowadays people invent different ways to entertain themselves. You can see any kinds of activities at parties and potlucks. One of them is preparing food. Such way of preparing as fondue really makes your time not only usefully spent, but spent with pleasure. The tradition of fondue comes from France and Switzerland. The word means the process of dipping different goodies like meats, fruits, vegetables into smelt cheese, chocolate, boiled oil, broth or something of the kind. People usually try fondue at some restaurants before making it by themselves, but there is hardly anyone who won’t like this process which doesn’t trouble but entertains.

Here’s an overview of several electric fondue pots and sets, which may help you to choose the best fondue set.


Trudeau 0823004 Electric 11-Piece Fondue Set Review

There is a way to make your evenings with friends and common potlucks more entertaining by using fondue set instead. Preparing fondue entertains every person at a party as well as lets to prepare...


Trudeau Alto 3-In-1 Electric Fondue Set Review

Tired from cooking for your guests? Let them do it by themselves! At any time of the year you can offer them to make fondue – it will be entertaining for both you and your guests, and you will also...


Trudeau 24-Piece Stainless-Steel Fondue Set Review

If you want to turn your ordinary parties and get-togethers into extraordinary, buy a fondue set. It’s one of the most entertaining ways of preparing food, and each of your guest s will be able to...


Rival FD350S Stainless Steel Fondue Review

Nowadays modern technologies allow people who love fondue forgetting candle-heated fondue sets. Some would say that they are rather original, but to tell the truth, they are also hard to clean and...


Cuisinart CFO-3SS Fondue Maker Review

The lovers of fondue are definitely willing to have proper fondue set to make fondue at home by themselves. A good variant is Cuisinart CFO-3SS Electric Fondue Maker. You can use the set for...

The fondue pot sets can vary by a type of heating a pot, their volume, characteristics of boiler and so on. There are small sets which are made only for two or three adults and don’t provide some special functions or conveniences. The bigger is the fondue pot set, the more functions it has, and manufacturers also try to make work with such set trouble-free. The technologies are also changing. Popular candle-heated fondue sets are replaced by electric fondue pots which are safer, can be heated faster and washed at ease.

The material is also important. Most of modern sets are made of stainless steel, sometimes with some ceramic inserts for inserting a boiler into two parts, for example. It’s important to know if there’s a nonstick coating because when cheese or chocolate is melt in the bowl it can stick and it will be hard to remove it.

When you choose a set, choose one that will be the most comfortable and take minimum efforts from you in the process of cooking and after it. The additional conveniences can be as followed: magnetic safe cord, a fork guide on the pot, a turntable, some additional features like fondue forks. Pay attention to the way of washing a fondue pot set, as it’s preferable to have it washed by a dishwasher.

The overview shows that the variety of electric fondue pots is big, but the functionality of them is on the whole equal. They mostly allow boiling different kinds of liquids or substances, like cheese, chocolate, broth and oil. The size of the fondue set and its volume are very important, because if you want to have a device for big parties, you’d better choose the biggest one, though we would recommend you something of medium size, for both family and company. Then pay attention to some other characteristics.

We would recommend you Trudeau 0823004 Electric 11-Piece 3-in-1 Fondue Set, because it has all features which make it easy to use. The pot is of reasonable size, its nonstick coating prevents food from sticking, and the device is easily washed. If you have a child or a pet, you won’t worry that some of them will turn a set down, as there’s a magnetic safe cord. There are additional forks for fondues, and the pot can be used for stovetop, so it makes a choice of recipes much wider. All in all, this device collects all positive features that other devices have, and have fewer drawbacks. So we hope it will be the best fondue set for you.